Organized Office – An Organized Home In 30 Days

How did you do with yesterday’s organizing task? I’m so sorry that I didn’t get my results posted until this morning. It was a crazy day and I ended up falling asleep soon after dinner.

Anyway, here are a few “before” photos of my home office:

Office Walk in

Messy Office

Office at Home

The chair was a catch-all for everything, I had one of my printers on the floor, and there were random items on the floor (under the bookshelf and chair).

After a bit of cleaning and re-arranging, here’s what the office looks like now (I’m hoping to add wall art in the next few weeks):

Home Office Room

Home Office

Office Room

Office Bookshelf

I ordered some prints and as soon as they come in, I will add them to the frames.

The baskets hold a variety of things. Blank thank-you cards, business cards, CD’s for the computer, my camera, etc. The coloured bins at the bottom (which will be swapped out with something more “adult” looking, once I can find bins that I like) hold Mrs January tote bags.

Organized Office Closet

Sorry, I forgot to take a “before” photo of the closet!

The office closet is where most of my storage goes. It has a large filing cabinet for business and personal paperwork, 2 printers (1 for black & white, the other for colour), office supplies, paper, notebooks, mailing supplies, binders, blank CDs/DVDs, etc.

So, with the addition of photos in my frames, window coverings, and some art on the wall, I think I can finally say my office is complete.

Did you get your office organized too?

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  1. Heather R says:

    I really like the coloured bins on the bottom with the pop of colour they provide. Nice office Cassie!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Cassie,
    I love your home office.. Please can you tell me where you got the bookcase.. it looks really nice. the baskets are cute.

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