Organized Vehicle – An Organized Home In 30 Days

How did you do with today’s organizing task?

I was looking forward to it, because our van has needed to be cleaned out for quite awhile now. It was messy!

Here’s what I started with:

Messy Van

Dirty Van

Dirt in the Car

Messy Van Floor

The first thing I did was remove everything from inside the van. I got rid of some trash and items that didn’t need to be stored in there, and then wiped down the seats, dashboard, doors and other grimy surfaces.

I vacuumed the floor mats…

Vacuuming Car Mats

Can anyone tell me the best way to remove that patch of weeds from our front lawn?

Elliott helped – he loves to vacuum!

Vacuum Car Mats

I vacuumed the inside of the van, then put together my vehicle emergency kit.

Vehicle Emergency Kit

Inside there are 2 towels (for cleaning messy kids or animals), a blanket, a first aid kit, some car repair items such as jumper cables, bottled water, and the following:

Kids Stuff in Van

One zip-top bag holds a colouring book and pencil crayons. The other holds diapers, Pull-Ups, and baby wipes. We don’t keep toys or books in the van unless we are going to travelling a long distance, since the kids often fall asleep when we drive.

Kids Clothes in Van

This bag holds an extra pair of clothes for each child, including a sweater.

Emergency Box  for Car

This baby wipes container is used to store smaller items such as hand sanitizer, toilet seat covers and toilet paper (hey, you never know when you might need it!), baby powder and a package of dried cranberries.

By this point, Elliott and I were melting in the heat, so we asked to be sprayed down with the hose. It was freezing and we loved it. =)

Summer Fun

Once I dried off a little, I started to put the van back together, which really just consisted of putting the stroller, shopping bags and emergency kit back inside. I also plan on putting a Command hook in both the front and back of the van to hold garbage bags, but I didn’t get to that today.

Here’s what the van looks like now:

Organized Van

Clean Van

Before and After Photos

Did you get your vehicle organized today?

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  1. Kris says:

    I did it about a month ago when the weather was finally nice enough to bring the vacuum outside. But I probably won’t get to this until my husband’s day off on Tuesday so that the van will actually be here! 🙂 Looks good Cassie!! I need to put together an emergency kit too!

  2. Kiki says:

    This is a great idea. The only thing I would suggest is that you not keep bottled water in a hot car. Toxins from the plastic can leach into the water and be harmful for anyone drinking it. Better to bring refillable water bottles with you when you travel. I take a refillable water bottle with me everywhere and ones for the kids too ( I have 2 kids under 5) Yes it is a bit more bulk to pack every time we leave the house, but so worth it. (Just a suggestion) :o)

  3. Heather R says:

    Love the picture of you both getting hosed off! Cute:)

  4. Jan says:

    Our emergency kit consisted of all of the above articles including:

    – candles (provide warmth in case of car trouble in cols weather)
    – matches (no explanation necessary)
    – flares (Cdn Tire carries them). These are very important to alert drivers that your car is stopped/stranded, etc.)
    – antibiotic for cuts, scrapes, etc, like Polysporin

    At one time, my husband packed such a large emergency medical kit that I could have done brain surgery. He included large pieces of cheesecake cloth, large bandages, splints,first aid book, scissors(not the kids kind, either), and much, much more. Luckily, we never had to even open it.

    Personally, I thought your car looked pretty clean in the “before” photos!

  5. Lisa Noonan says:

    Instead of using a regular ziploc bag for the clothes, use one of their storage bags. It’ll still fit all the clothes, but you can roll them up and all the air is pushed out. They take up about a third of the space. I use them on trips in suitcases and they’re fantastic! Now just to find a coupon for them!!

  6. Shelly Zillman says:

    You have made the classic mistake most young mothers make–putting the baby seat behind the driver’s seat. It should be on the passenger side in the back so when you’re undoing the baby to get him out, a passing car doesn’t cream you, or you and the child. Think about it….

    • Olivia says:

      Slim chance of that happening if you normally park in your driveway or garage as well as mall parking spots when shopping. Cassie’s lifestyle suits this scenario.
      Let’s stay safe, everyone.

    • StephanieS says:

      Behind the driver is actually safer, because if one is in an accident the driver’s automatic reaction is to protect the driver; so the baby would be protected more from being on the driver’s side.
      But a properly installed carseat and a properly installed baby is the best protection!

  7. A.McKee says:

    for the weeds – make your own weed killer. fill a spray bottle with Apple Cider Vinegar. Add 1/8 cup salt and 2 tsp Dawn Dish soap. it will kill the grass too so aim well. I’ve used 6 bottles of this and saved well over $60 this year plus its safe for the kids to spray too so you can enlist some help. We have “neglected” our lawn for past 9 years so we had a lot of weeds but now it looks amazing.

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