Organizing My Purse – An Organized Home In 30 Days

How did you do with today’s organizing challenge? I had an insanely busy day, but I made sure to get my organizing done and it felt so good when I finally finished (and truthfully, it really wasn’t that hard of a task today!).

Here’s what my mess of a purse looked like when I first began to clean it out and get it organized:

Organizing my Purse

Coupons in Purse
This section of my purse was stuffed full of diapers, coupons (even expired ones!), old candies, a quarter and an old Costco shopping list.

Purse Organizing
Here’s a better view of that mess.

Messy Purse Contents
The zippered compartment in the middle of the bag.

A kids snack bar, a lint roller, random business cards, my house key, a pen, perfume, and some cheques that need to be deposited at the bank.

Stuff in Purse
I found this stuff in the outside zippered pocket. Another random business card, my phone, lotion, an IKEA pencil and a hair tie and clip.

Zipper Purse Before
The inside zippered pocket.

Purse Contents
If you can believe it, I found ALL of this in just one compartment in my purse. Yes, even a toothbrush (I had a dentist appointment right before I tackled my purse organization!).

Once I removed everything from my purse, I began organizing. I got rid of a bunch of gift cards and business cards that I no longer needed. I filed my coupons and receipts, and I got rid of the garbage.

Here’s what my purse looks like now:

iPhone After
My phone is still in the front zippered pocket, but now it’s in there all by itself.

Organizing Purse
I love these 2 clear, zippered pouches that I picked up from the dollar store years ago. In one pouch I keep my gift cards, a pen, small pad of paper, some gum, my bank cards and my car insurance. In the other pouch, I keep random items such as my lint roller and hand lotion.

Purse Pocket After
The inside zippered pouch is the same. Deodorant and feminine products.

Purse Organizers After
My purse organizers are in one side of my purse.

Wallet After
My wallet is in the other side.

Cheques After
The middle compartment just holds my cheques that need to be deposited.

Diapers After
The front part of my purse still holds 2 extra diapers/pull-ups for the kids.

That’s it! There is my organized purse. It feels so good knowing that the next time I need to get something out of there, I will know exactly where to find it.

How did you do with this organizing challenge?

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  1. Kris says:

    Looks great Cassie! Will you be posting your weekly deals.

  2. Sarah says:

    Done! One down – 29 to go!

  3. Jennifer Ford says:

    I Organized my diaper bag and purse, jobs long overdo . Looking forward to the next challenge 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’m sooooooo happy that you posted this challange, as i’ve REALLY been needing to clean out my purse for weeks now but kept putting it off for some silly reason…feeling so much better now, thanks!

  5. barb says:

    Purse is organized….no small children so no diaper bag. However we have 2 dogs so every pocket I have has poop bags and treats in it. I wonder if we should be organizing pockets!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Perfect timing, I was at work and my water bottle leaked so I had to empty my purse anyways. I found lots of hidden treasures.

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