Frugal Family Fun – Play-Doh Pleasers

Play-Doh Activities.

Play Doh Fun Activities

This is our fourth edition of Frugal Family Fun. We encourage families to have maximum fun while spending minimal money. In this post, I have included many options of different Play-Doh activities. Choose a few that suit your family and start play-(doh)-ing!

What you need:

  • Plasticine Multi-Colour Pack ($1.25 at Dollarama) – 1 for each child
  • Empty CD Cases ($1.25/4 at Dollarama) – 1 for each child
  • Play-Doh Cans ($1.25 at Dollarama) – a few different colours (or make your own — see below)

Fun & Games: 3-5 Year Olds

Play-Doh Garden

(cardboard base, found items)
Form a rectangle with Play-Doh and put it on a cardboard base. Stick objects in the Play-Doh to create your own garden. Everyday objects like twigs, leaves and stones work perfectly.

It’s a Jungle Out There

Work together to build Play-Doh jungle animals. Use children’s books for animal inspiration.

Match It Up

Using 4 different colours of Play-Doh, make 2 balls of each colour. Hide all balls under 8 cups. Take turns looking under 2 cups at a time. If there is a match, remove those 2 cups and give that person 1 point. Play until all matches are found.

Read Some Reid

Every Play-Doh party needs a bit of Barbara Reid. She is a Canadian author who illustrates her books exclusively with plasticine. Try to get a few from your local library. Tumblebooks also offers her books online if your library gives you access. Two by Two and The Party are favourites of ours because of the detail on every animal-filled page.

Barbara Reid Books

Fun & Games: 6+ Year Olds


This activity has been a family favourite of ours for years. We use Pictionary cards (or nouns listed on slips of paper) and instead of drawing images, we sculpt them with Play-Doh. Two teams compete to make the object, and the winning team guesses it the fastest.

Wacky Sack (balloon)

Play Doh Fun

See this video for a quick tutorial on making this object, which is like a stress ball. Googly eyes are optional.

Barbara Reid (CD cases, plasticine)

Your budding artist will love this page, where Barbara Reid gives 7 minute tutorials on illustrating with clay. Use empty CD cases to create your own plasticine scenes. This is a fun, mess-free way to frame your creations.

Play Doh Art

DIY Play-Doh

Here is a recipe for homemade Play-Doh that uses Jell-O to make vibrant colours, and is close to store-bought consistency. Plus, it smells yummy!

DIY Playdough

Edible Creations

Every frugal family night includes a creation that it is edible. We suggest the kids make sculptures of whatever you are serving for dinner. Mini hamburgers, spaghetti, ice cream sundaes – get that camera ready!

Play Doh Food

I hope you are enjoying this series on Frugal Family Fun. This week, a few simple cans of Play-Doh can create hours of fun for kids of all ages.

Which Play-Doh Pleasers activity will you try with your family?

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    Great ideas and thank you for a GOOD homemade playdoh recipe!

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