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Optimum Bonus Points

Looking for Shoppers Optimum points coupons and offers? You’ve come to the right place!

All offers are separated by category. If they are linked, it’s because you have to print a coupon to get the points. If they are NOT linked, you do not need a coupon to get the points.

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  • Receive 10x the Shoppers Optimum points WUB Metamucil Products (Expires: March 27, 2015)


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Food & Beverages

  • Receive 300 Shoppers Optimum points WUB Belvita Bites (250g) (Expires: March 27, 2015)
  • Receive 500 Shoppers Optimum points WUB 2 Cadbury Easter Products (Expires: April 5, 2015)


    none yet


  • None yet