7 First Day Of School Pictures You Can’t Resist

You may recall our suggestion from last year’s post to take first day of school pictures a day or two before the actual first day of school.

It’s a great opportunity to make sure things run smoothly and check for wardrobe malfunctions. Call it a dress rehearsal of sorts.

And the actual picture taking moment will not be rushed or stressful. Here are a few more ideas to capture pictures of new beginnings. Happy clicking!

7 First Day of School Pictures You Can’t Resist

back to school pics

Layer the Pictures

layer pictures
This idea has endless possibilities. Take a picture on the last day of school while your child holds their first day of school pic. Or capture their last day of elementary school while they hold their kindergarten picture. You get the point.
See how important first day of school pictures are?

Read Between the Lines

Gather a pile of your child’s favourite books and have fun snapping casual pictures. So much of our children’s personalities is reflected in what they enjoy reading at that season. Play around with black and white settings, and colourful backgrounds.

The Walk of Fame

walking up to school
This works especially well with younger children, or kids who struggle with transitions. Before the first day, walk the route to school. Spend some time talking what will happen the first day. Capture moments on film before the chaos of hundreds of kids ensues.

The Simple Chalkboard

A simple chalkboard can add life to a photoshoot. Mark the occasion with the date, or grade your child is entering. Once you have taken your pictures – have them write a few notes. You will be capturing their printing at this stage – and who knows what creativity might ensue?

Chase a Bus

This is another example of the benefit of snapping pictures the day before. Find a school bus and see how many creative poses kids can invent near the bus. The sky is the limit when there is no time limit (or moving traffic).

Snap the Threads

Before the outfit comes home covered in pudding, chalk and dirt…why not hang it on the wall and take a few pictures. It only looks this crisp and fresh once (or is that just with boys?).

Ditch The Smiles

Anyone else tired of snapping awkward grins? Try this approach for a more natural, serious look. Gather a few school supplies and find a cool backdrop. Results? A convincing pic you will be proud to share.

It is the ongoing challenge for a parent to capture ‘firsts’ and the first day of school is no exception. Use these simple ideas to get your photo shoot started. You won’t be disappointed.

What school picture traditions does your family use?

By: Karen Gauvreau

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