Scheduling – How To Create A Schedule That Works

Scheduling That Works!


Have you tried to schedule your life and found it too restricting, too complicated, too much work?

I feel your pain. I used to create useless schedules all the time and they never helped me with my schedule problem at all. Until I finally created a schedule that worked.

Creating a schedule that works for you is imperative if you want to get things accomplished. Don’t become a slave to “I’ll get to it when I get to it”. Get to it now. Learn how to schedule your life to make all of the items on your to-do list a breeze to complete.

How to Create a Schedule

When you’ve tried scheduling in the past, you probably tried to cram as much into your day as possible, right? There just never seems to be as many hours as you need to get everything done.

But guess what – there are enough hours in the day to get everything done. You just need to practice better scheduling and time management, which is something I hope to help you with today.

You were given the same 24 hour days as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Helen Keller, and Oprah Winfrey. You can be just as successful as them – with proper planning and scheduling. [Click to Tweet This]

Start tracking your time

Just like you would track your spending when creating a budget, you need to track your time to help you create a schedule that works.

For the next week, I want you to track your time. When you woke up, how long it took you to make and eat breakfast, how long your commute to work was, what time you got home, how much time you spent on social media – track everything.

Cut out time-wasters

After a solid week of time tracking, you should start to see a pattern of things you do all the time. It’s likely that many of those things are just for fun and not helping you achieve your goals.

Leave a bit of fun in your schedule, but cut out everything that is not helping you move forward in life. Be ruthless and sever all ties with TV watching, video game playing and social media reading (unless, of course, those things help you in your life).

You can still do these things, but only once all of your “must-do” tasks are completed.

Playing on Computer

Schedule everything important

The very first items you want to add to your schedule are the things that absolutely must get done. Some examples:

  • Sleep
  • Cooking & Eating Meals
  • Exercise
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Work

It’s very important that sleep be your #1 priority. Only you know how many hours you need to feel rested and ready to go in the morning. If that’s 6 hours, schedule 6 hours for sleep time. If it’s 8 hours, schedule 8 hours.

Don’t sacrifice your sleep in an effort to get something else done. Feeling tired is not going to help you achieve anything, so make sure you are getting enough sleep.

Make room for the unexpected

Something I think is very important when creating a schedule is allowing for the unexpected to happen.

Your child spills something sticky on the carpet and it takes you 30 minutes to clean the mess, an unexpected phone call or visitor – things like these can’t be scheduled, because you never know when they will happen, so it’s important to include a bit of wiggle room in your schedule for when they do.

If you don’t use all of your “time allowance” (24 hours)during the day, you can use it all up in the evening with those time-wasters you enjoy. Or you can go to bed early, which may also be a good idea if you’ve had a hectic day!

Plan your day the night before

I once read that when you plan your day the night before, your brain starts working immediately on those tasks and continues working throughout the night.

Now, I don’t know if that is actually true, but I do know that by planning my day the night before, I am able to accomplish so much more that day. Because I write out my to-do lists in the evening, when I wake up, I can get right to work, instead of sitting around for an hour trying to figure out what I need to do that day.

Experiment and refine when necessary

It’s important to remember that no schedule is going to be perfect the first time around. You may forget to add things to your schedule, you may decide to eliminate things, or you may find that your daily tasks start to take less and less (or more and more) time to complete.

Experiment with new routines and change up your schedule until you finally come up with a schedule that works for you.

Always review your schedule every few months and make any changes necessary.

Be flexible

Life changes all the time. You may not have children now and so your schedule is a bit more open. Down the road when you have kids, you realize that most of your time is eaten up by your little ones and all you want to do in your spare time is sleep.

Perhaps you get a new job and it requires more (or less) work from you. This will affect everything in your schedule as well.

Keep in mind that scheduling is a lifetime process. Things change, people change, and so, schedules change as well. Remember that.

Be Flexible

You’re more productive when you have a schedule that works for you. Creating a schedule is often not the hard part, but sticking with the schedule is what is usually the reason for failed attempts at scheduling.

This is why it’s important not to create a schedule, but to create a customized schedule just for you. A schedule that actually works. Take time to get used to your new schedule, make any adjustments necessary and enjoy living with less stress and enjoy accomplishing much more than you ever did without a proper schedule.

Do you have problems with scheduling or have you found a schedule that works for you?

Posted on, January 11, 2013
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  1. teachermum says:

    I can make wonderful schedules and lists….sadly, they do not motivate me! My husband, on the other hand, can’t rest with one “to do” sticky note staring him in the face. Oh how I wish I were different!

    • Olivia says:

      You and your husband balance each other out….don’t wish to be different! You can always give him all your sticky notes lists lol. Problem solved!

  2. PNK says:

    I make myself a list every evening of things I want to get done the next day.
    No timeline and no particular order, as long as they get done that day,

  3. Ebbonnie says:

    Any good idevice apps anybody can recommend for daily scheduling?

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