My Top 8 Sites For Shopping Online

I’m a huge fan of simple living, and making my life as easy as possible. One of the ways I do this is to shop online whenever possible. If I don’t have to set foot in a store, I’m happy.

The good thing about shopping online (other than not having to leave home) is that many retailers are offering this now, and oftentimes you can get the same deals (if not better) than the ones that are available in stores!

When I’m shopping online, here are the top 8 sites I often purchase from:

Top Sites for Shopping Online

1. Walmart

Shipping: Free on any purchase
This is one of my favourite online shopping sites for many reasons. One – the free shipping. I can buy something as inexpensive as $1, and Walmart will ship it to me for free. Another reason is such an awesome online shopping experience is because they have a TON of merchandise available to purchase.

Everything from barbecues to makeup to furniture to home decor to diapers – Walmart has it all, and often for a very low price, too! One more thing that I love about is that you can search for items and see if they are also available in a store nearby (in case they are out of stock online).

2. Old Navy

Shipping: Free when you spend $50+
Because Old Navy is so reasonably priced, I purchase a lot of clothing from them, for myself, my husband and our 2 kids. On top of their regular great prices, they often have special promotions and coupon codes available to use – turning a good deal into a great deal.

Old Navy has a great return policy as well, allowing you to bring things into a store, or send via Canada Post (free of charge).

3. Chapters/Indigo

Shipping: Free when you spend $25+
Chapters is more than just books these days. Although the bulk of their merchandise is reading material, you can also find a ton of other items available for sale at Chapters.

In addition to books and magazines, you can buy toys, home decor items, stationary, and even food and beverages! Their prices are often high, so watch for special promotions and coupon codes, which they offer regularly.

4. Amazon

Shipping: Free when you spend $25+
I’ve been a fan of Amazon for years and years. I used to just purchases movies, music and books from them, since that’s all they shipped to Canada, but now, I use Amazon to purchase many other items.

They now ship groceries, baby items (such as diapers, wipes, formula, high chairs, etc.), home decor items, furniture, kitchen gadgets, and much, much more. Amazon is awesome!

5. Home Depot

Shipping: Varies
Although I don’t shop at Home Depot often, when I do, I always try to shop online first, to save me an unnecessary trip to the store (have you ever tried lugging 2 young kids to a hardware store?).

Home Depot offers a great selection of clearance items online, so I always check that section of the website before making my purchase. I’ve found many great deals this way!


Shipping: Free when you spend $25+
If you’re looking for health & beauty items, home medical, baby supplies, vitamins, or personal care items, is a great place to shop! They even sell toys, small appliances, outdoor furniture, batteries and much more!

I only shop on when they are offering a special promotion, since I find their regular prices to be much more than I could pay elsewhere. One of the best things about, though, is that they ship your purchase right away. You never have to pay for 2-day shipping, because they ship things crazy fast!

7. Ebay

Shipping: Varies
The thrifty shopper in me loves to browse eBay regularly for specific items that I just can’t find anywhere else. For example, I love antique dishes, furniture and… okay, I love pretty much anything antique – and I’ve found eBay to be one of the best places to find these items.

Shipping costs will vary of course, depending on what you’re purchasing and from whom.

8. Etsy

Shipping: Varies
Sometimes I can’t believe how amazing Etsy is, and I’m so shocked that more people don’t use it. I love to purchase custom wall decals, paintings, and jewelry, among other things.

Making a purchase on Etsy is a great way to support local (and non-local!) artists, while scoring some creative, homemade items for yourself.

What are some of your favourite websites for online shopping?

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  1. Serena says:

    I love shopping on Best Buy’s website. You can pay with paypal, purchase even expensive furniture and it’s free shipping as well!

  2. Joy says:

    Hello! Just as a tip – I wanted to purchase some BBC tv show blu rays (Dr Who). They are $80 per season if I buy them locally from Target or Best Buy. I went to They were 15pounds per season, and shipping was $4!! (I bought ‘region free’ blu rays to make sure they’d play on my north american formated player). I got two seasons and a ‘specials’ box set – total price charged to my credit card with shipping and exchange was $84CAN!

  3. Venkat says:

    I love to shop at childrensplace and these days they use to have free shipping days almost every week or two. Its a best place to buy kids clothing online.

  4. Dawn says:

    Do any accept online debit? I don’t have a credit card.

  5. SeriousSally says:

    Love-Love shopping on Walmart’s website. They have an awesome clearance section as well. Had a fantastic online shopping experience with the Shoe Company recently, super website and lightening quick delivery. My worst experience was with Hudson’s Bay Co. at Christmas time, most of the stuff they shipped (Christmas gifts for family) was incorrect, damaged and looked like merchandise that was used and returned. Don’t think I’ll use their online service ever again.

  6. Susan says:

    Dawn, I am not sure but ask your bank if you can have a Virtual Debit Visa card, so you can use this online but really it is taking the money right from your account, so it isn’t really a Visa but works great at online sites.

  7. Evelyn says:

    Be careful of , yes deals are sometimes cheaper, but after having my credit card compromised from this site , I will never purchase from there again.

  8. Lindy says:

    Children’s Place! Sign up for their newsletter so you’ll always know when their free shipping days are. Even without free shipping it’s only $8! Old Navy is great too. I’ve also had great experiences with Best Buy.

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