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Join Coupon Trains To Save Money!

Coupon Trains

Most people know how to trade coupons, but coupon trains are a bit different, and something many people are unsure about – especially new couponers that are just getting their »» [read more] ««

Does Walmart Limit Coupons?

Does Walmart Limit Coupons

Recently, I’ve received dozens of emails from concerned couponers, asking if Walmart has changed their coupon policy to limit the amount of coupons you can use in a transaction. The »» [read more] ««

How To Get Coupon Overage

How to Get Coupon Overage

Coupon overage – does it even exist anymore? After so many episodes of Extreme Couponing, and after so many new couponers popping up everywhere, is it still possible to get »» [read more] ««

5 Tips For Safe Coupon Trading

Coupon Trading Safety

Have you ever been worried about your personal safety when trading coupons? Not your physical safety, but the security of knowing that you will get what was agreed to and »» [read more] ««