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Rewards Program

  • Swagbucks – Spring Tour 2014

    Swagbucks Entry

    If you haven’t heard yet about all the Bonus Swag Bucks that are being given out at Swagbucks.com, you still have time! They’re holding the Spring Tour ’14 Team Challenge, where you’re guaranteed to earn Bonus Bucks.

    Just click here to sign up and get started right away. Join a team AND contribute at least 1 point to your team to win your bonus. The Team Challenge ends at 12pm Pacific time, tomorrow, April 10th, so here’s how to contribute points while you earn SB:

    • Surveys – 4 pts
    • Games – 3 pts
    • Encrave – 3 pts
    • Special Offers (desktop & mobile) – 2 pts
    • Search – 2 pts
    • SBTV (desktop & mobile) – 1 pt
    • Daily Poll – 1 pt
    • NOSO – 1 pt
    • EntertaiNOW Mobile – Earn SB by watching videos on your mobile to contribute 1 pt
    • Swag Codes – Redeem a Swag Code for bonus SB & contribute 1 pt

    The team with the most points and the end of the Swagbucks Spring Tour ’14 wins! EVERY TEAM WINS a bonus – 1st place: 25 SB, 2nd place: 20 SB, 3rd place: 15 SB, 4th place: 10 SB. The Top 5 team leaders from each team also win bonus SB.

    All bonuses will be paid by 4/28/14. Get your suitcase ready and get earning!

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  • Swagbucks – Earn Free Swagbucks with Encrave!

    Swagbucks Tip

    When is comes to Swagbucks, the one thing we all want to know is: how can I get my gift cards faster? What do I have to do to earn enough for more gift cards? Thankfully, I’ve got a new tip to help you do just that. Swagbucks’ top earners not only earn their Swag Bucks in a variety of ways, but they also are more likely to try new ways to earn Swag Bucks.

    One fairly new way to earn SBs quickly is with Encrave. Encrave is a way to discover new content, from Entertainment news & videos, Fashion, DIY tips, Technology, and much more – all while getting Swag Bucks for doing it. The Encrave options are countless and are updated often.

    In the few moments it takes to check out an article, video, or anything else you like through Encrave, you get a few Swag Bucks each time, and you get them QUICKLY. No wonder Swagbucks’ top earners like doing Encrave activities to meet Daily Goals, earn more Swag Bucks, and get more gift cards.

    Want to earn Swag Bucks for your very own free gift cards? I’ve done it for years and received a ton of FREE gift cards (Amazon, Home Depot, Starbucks & more)! What’s holding you back from doing the same? Sign up here to start earning Swag Bucks easily with Encrave, and check out all the other ways to earn. You’ll get your first free gift card in no time!

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  • Shopper’s Drug Mart – 3,000 Points When You Spend $20 (While Filling Prescription)

    Shoppers Buzzer Coupon

    Have a prescription that you need to get filled at Shoppers Drug Mart? Make sure you get your hands on one of their “buzzers” when you get there (you know, the device they get you to hold on to while you wait, and when you prescription is ready, it will buzz?) because it has a great offer on it:

    Get 3,000 points when you spend $20 or more on anything in the store!

    3,000 points is worth $6 on bonus redemption day, so this is a really great offer (similar to the 20x points event, but you can spend less out of pocket)!

    Thanks, Erin!

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  • Swagbucks – Solar Vortex Swag Code Extravaganza

    Swag Bucks solar Vortex Extravaganza

    Swagbucks may have already celebrated their birthday last week, but it’s all of us who get a birthday wish come true! During their brithday celebrations, they asked their members to vote on a birthday wish. Well we all voted and it really is a wish come true: On Thursday, March 6th, Swagbucks will have the Solar Vortex Swag Code Extravaganza!

    Starting at 6am PT to 6pm PT (9am – 9pm Eastern), the day will be filled with fun in the sun, games and some extreme heat – something to help you forget about all the snow and cold this season! In fact, on Thursday only, you’ll be able to earn up to 36 SB in Swag Codes alone!

    If you haven’t tried out Swagbucks yet, Thursday’s Solar Vortex Swag Code Extravaganza is your chance to learn how much fun getting Swag Bucks can be, AND it’ll give you a nice leg up to earning enough SB for your first free gift card!

    Swagbucks has helped me get enough gift cards for Amazon, Home Depot and more! So if you’re ready to make your time online more rewarding with free gift cards, sign up here and join in on the Swag Code action Thursday.

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  • Swagbucks Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

    Swagbucks Valentine

    With Valentine’s Day coming soon, Swagbucks has announced a great way to celebrate – by getting more Swag Bucks, of course! It’s their Be My Valentine Swag Code Extravaganza, and it’s starting on Friday, Feb 14th at 6am PST.

    The day will be filled with love quizzes, pet names, hearts galore… and multiple Swag Codes to win. In fact, on Friday, you can get up to 25 SB in Swag Codes alone – that’s a sweet Valentine’s Day gift that will help you get your free gift cards even sooner.

    During the Be My Valentine Extravaganza, check Swagbucks, as well as their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blog to grab all the Swag Codes.

    Haven’t started with Swagbucks yet? It’s a great way that I personally use to pay for big expenses like holiday gifts! All you have to do is sign up here and start collecting Swag Bucks for the things you do online, like Searching, Shopping, Watching videos – and of course redeeming Swag Codes for bonus SBs!

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  • Swagbucks – Win Bonus Swag Bucks During the Olympic Games!

    Swagbucks Winter Games

    The Winter Olympic Games have started, and while it may be exciting to watch world-class athletes compete for the gold, isn’t there something we can do too? Well, thanks to Swagbucks, we can win some Swag Bucks gold of our own!

    Until the end of Monday, Feb 17th, Swagbucks brings you another great way to earn more Bucks: the Swag Games Winter Edition Collector’s Bills!

    What are Collector’s Bills?
    They are 5 limited edition bills that you can win by using Swagbucks Search. Each Bill ranges in denomination from 7 SB up to 14 SB, and they are inspired by the Winter Games PLUS a Swagbucks twist, with event names like Alpine Surveys, Short Track Speed Shopping, and Cross Country Searching.

    Collect all 5 Bills before the end of Feb 17th and on top of all the SB you earn from each Bill, you will earn a 15 SB bonus!

    There are so many ways to use Swagbucks Search: click on “Search” in the topbar of the site, use the toolbar, download the free mobile app / search on the go with the Swagbucks.com mobile site, or search straight from the Swagbucks.com homepage.

    Don’t miss out on these great bonus SB offerings and get started now to earn your next free gift card even faster. Not a member yet? Sign up here and start earning Swag Bucks.

    Want to learn a lot more about Swagbucks? Make sure that you read my popular article: 15 Ways to Earn Swagbucks Faster.

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  • Shoppers Drug Mart – Update Profile, Receive 2,000 Optimum Points

    Optimum Point Offer at SDM.

    Shoppers Drug Mart Promo Code Offer January2014

    Shoppers Drug Mart wants you to update your Optimum profile. In exchange for doing so they will give you 2,000 optimum points.

    Once you update, you need to enter coupon code 0114 prior to the submit button.

    Limit one promo code per Shoppers Optimum member. To be eligible to receive offer, personal profile update must include a valid email address. Offer not applicable to new registrations to the Shoppers Optimum program, only applicable to profile updates for existing members

    Valid until Janury 31, 2014.

    Points to be awarded by Feburary 21, 2014.

    Update your Shoppers Optimum profile now!

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